Children and Nature Connection

Why Care About Connecting Children and Nature?

Check out the University of Colorado's 2007 study of the Benefits of Nature for Children's Health available here.
As a child, did you have a special nature place where you built forts, dug holes, climbed trees, explored, played in the water, watched the clouds roll by?

Children today don't often have these experiences. Why not? A "perfect storm" of factors - lack of access to natural places, fear of strangers and lawsuits, less free time and lots of "screen time" - all contribute to the disconnection of children from nature.

The consequences of this lack of outdoor play, along with other environmental and social factors are that more kids today are experiencing physical and mental health issues.

The good news is that nature is good for you! Outdoor time is important for mental health, physical health, academic achievement and stewardship. There is a large body of research documenting the benefits of nature for children and everyone

For a great, easy-to-read brief summary of the issue and wonderful suggestions for easy ways to start getting kids outdoors, go to this booklet.