Children and Nature Connection

It's about YOU. As an individual you can make a difference!

Share the Louv...give copies of the book as gifts, promote discussion about the central ideas, encourage your library and bookstore to provide exposure. Visit the national Children & Nature Network website and subscribe to their newsletter for more resources and ideas. Ten Things a Parent (Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or Other Guardian) Can Do and other articles, information and resources from CNN-NC are located right here on our website.

Get to know your own 'Nature'. There are many fantastic opportunities in Northern Colorado to experience and explore Nature. Rivers, lakes, streams, forests, mountains, prairie, and more are within easy reach of northern Colorado communities. Know where the nearby city, county, state and national parks areas are. Maps, program information and descriptions are available from various sites. See Places to Go.

Gear-up! Keep a collection of outdoor discovery tools ready. A box with hand lens, digging tools, elementary field guides, bug boxes, etc. along with the sandbox and water toys for outdoor play in your own backyard.

Open the door! Next time you're driving around notice how many children you see playing outside. Nature can be right outside, in your own yard. For children to benefit from being outdoors all you may need to do is open the door.

Reach out to others!
• Write a letter to the editor about the importance of letting kids play in nature.
Start a Nature Club in your neighborhood.

Join CNC-NC's efforts! You can do things on your own (at your own pace!), or participate in Committee work. Come volunteer with us!